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22 January 2014 @ 12:06 pm
Hands of Fate: Chapter Seven  
Title: Caught in the Hands of Fate
Author: fadedsparks
Beta: lunadragonx
Art: trueshellz
Fandom: RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rated: R, with NC-17 in later chapters
Genre: AU, Angst, Romance
Disclaimer: This isn't meant to offend anyone and I am making no profit from it.
Warnings: Violence and Homophobia. Also, Jensen and Jared are the same age in this story.
Summary: Jensen has had his share of ups and downs, but he pushes forward and tries not to take life for granted. Starting college in California seems like the right choice for him, and everything is going better than he imagined it would. However, fate can be a tricky thing sometimes.

Chapter Seven:
Touching Heaven

“Jared, what is taking so long?” Jensen calls as he pulls on his jacket and slides his cell into the pocket of his jeans.

Jared ran into the bathroom about twenty minutes ago, with a bunch of clothes in his arms, and he hasn’t resurfaced since. Jensen’s beginning to think he died in there. They are supposed to meet up with his brother and sister at Jack in the Box, they have ten minutes to get there, and Jared is taking his sweet ass time. Jensen doesn’t understand what is taking him so long, he usually doesn’t take very long to get ready.

Jared finally emerges from the bathroom, looking less than pleased and a little nervous. Jensen can’t help smiling at the sight of his boyfriend, finding him more appealing than ever, and this earns him a displeased scowl. Jared huffs in irritation as he stalks over to his bed, sits down and begins to put his boots on his feet. Jensen watches in amusement, arms crossed over his chest, smile barely suppressed.

“Why are you stressing yourself out over this?”

“I’m meeting your family man, how can that not stress me out? What if they don’t like me? What if they can tell right away, just by looking at us, that there’s more than just friendship between us?” Jared asks, looking more and more stressed by the minute.

“You’re just meeting my brother and sister, Jay, you shouldn’t be freaking out over this. I know they’re gonna love you. They’re not as scary as you think they are, I think you’ll get along very well in fact.” Jensen tries to calm Jared’s fears, moving across the space between their beds to sit next to him, rubbing his tense shoulders.

“Even if they do figure us out, which more than likely won’t happen, they aren’t going to care,” Jensen continues, talking in a soothing voice. “They accept me, so what makes you think they won’t accept you?”

Jared takes a calming breath before turning to look at Jensen. “You’re right, I’m stressing myself out over nothing. I guess I’m just so nervous ‘cause I know how my family would react and I’m just assuming your family would think the same way and look down on me. It’s stupid, I know, and I’m sorry for being such an idiot. I don’t know why, I just really want them to like me, I guess.”

Jensen can’t deny that he is overjoyed that Jared doesn’t want to make a bad impression with Josh and Mack. It shows that this meeting is important to him and that just makes Jensen so damn happy. That Jared would care so much means a lot to Jensen. He is pretty positive that his brother and sister will love Jared though, it is something you just can’t help. Jared has a way of drawing people to him, leaving a lasting impression.

Ever since Jensen mentioned his roommate Mackenzie has wanted to meet him. She knows how Jensen feels about Jared, how much he means to him. If anyone were to support them and their relationship it would be her, he just wishes he could get Jared to see that. He understands where Jared is coming from, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier.

He can only hope that once Jared meets his brother and sister he will realize that he can trust them enough to be himself, know that they won’t judge him in any way. All he wants is for the people closest to him to get along. He also wants Jared to open up and not be afraid of being who he is. They can’t act like a couple in public; the only time they can be affectionate is when they’re alone or with their friends, so it would be nice to not have to hide when they are with Mack and Josh as well.

“Are you ready to meet them now? We’re probably gonna be a little bit late, but that doesn’t matter, they aren’t gonna care,” Jensen says as he stands up, offering a hand to Jared. They’ll probably tease us though, he thinks fondly to himself.

“Yeah, I think I’m more than ready. I especially want to meet your sister since you’re so close with her, she sounds like a really nice girl.”

“She’s awesome, I’m sure you’re gonna love her,” Jensen assures as they exit their room and head toward the parking lot.

Jared seems calmer now and Jensen is grateful for it. He stills appears a little nervous, which is to be expected, but he isn’t freaking out like he was moments ago. Jensen honestly believes he has nothing to worry about though. He knows Mack and Josh very well, especially his sister, and he knows she won’t look at Jared weirdly. Josh is another story - considering the fact that until a few days ago Jensen thought his brother hated him - but he has faith in him enough to believe Josh won’t have a problem.

He is glad that Jared wants to make a good impression and he is grateful that he is willing to meet them at all, but he doesn’t want Jared worrying about things prematurely, either. They decided not to say anything about their relationship unless Josh or Mack ask them directly or call them out on it and there is no guarantee that they will. They just need to cross that bridge when they get to it, there is no reason to be freaking out about it right now.


The moment they walk into the fast food restaurant Jensen’s eyesight falls on Mack and Josh, who are sitting in the back by one of the windows, looking around them in obvious curiosity. The sight is so welcoming, more so than Jensen was expecting, and relief washes over him in waves. It has been quite a while since he has seen anyone in his family and until now he hadn’t let himself acknowledge how much he has been missing them.

A smile of pure joy climbs onto Mackenzie’s face when she spots Jensen heading their way and she is out of the booth in an instant, rushing up to Jensen and wrapping him up in a crushing hug. Jensen gladly hugs her back, burying his face in her hair, feeling overwhelmed. Out of the corner of his eye he can see Jared standing back and watching them with a soft smile on his face.

Jensen greets Josh softly, when he pulls away from Mackenzie, tension between them. They stare at each other for a moment, feeling awkward and hesitant, and then Josh is engulfing Jensen in a tight embrace. This shocks Jensen, and for a moment he doesn’t reciprocate. Josh has never been known to be the physical type, avoids hugs like they’re the plague, so for him to initiate a hug is unknown territory.

He finally hugs his brother back, still feeling awkward yet oddly peaceful, and then they pull away from each other. Josh motions for them to take a seat at the table and soon Jensen is sitting opposite his brother and sister with Jared next to him.

“Should I go up and order?” Jared asks after a moment of awkward silence and everyone turns their attention to him. “You were wanting something, right?”

“Order whatever you like, I‘m paying,” Jensen says to everyone at the table, pulling out his wallet and handing it to Jared.

Josh and Mackenzie give Jared their orders and Jensen simply asks for a chocolate shake. Jared leaves the table a second later and Jensen is alone with his brother and sister for the first time in what feels like forever. Mackenzie can’t seem to stop smiling, looking Jensen up and down as though time will have changed him so significantly. Josh looks to be at ease now, though there is guilt and sadness shining in his eyes.

Mackenzie is the one who takes the initiative by striking up an easy conversation, talking about the old days and staying clear of that night. Jensen smiles his gratitude and falls into the conversation, feeling as though everything is fine and normal between them. Maybe things will be okay now between us, like they used to be, he thinks to himself but doesn’t say it aloud.

Jared returns moments later, placing the tray on the table and everyone reaches for their food. Jensen sips on his shake and silently watches the people around him, the people who mean the most to him in this world. Having Jared here just fits, just feels right.

“So…” Jared trails off, looking at Jensen and then nodding in Josh and Mackenzie’s direction.

“Oh, I almost forgot to make introductions,” Jensen laughs sheepishly. “Jared, this is my brother and sister, guys, this is Jared, my roommate.”

“Oh, you’re the Jared.” Mack says teasingly and Jensen just wants to crawl under a rock and die and he can tell Jared is feeling the same way. His boyfriend is completely flushed and blushing shyly, smiling that awkward smile of his.

“How much do you know about me?” Jared asks tensely, looking at Jensen with wide panicked eyes.

“Enough,” she replies cryptically. “I’ve been anxious to meet you, glad to say I finally have.”

“Am I missing something?” Josh speaks up, looking at everyone in question.

Jensen chances a glance at Jared to see a blank expression on his face, though his eyes are telling him enough. He can tell that his boyfriend is a little freaked about the turn in conversation, but he also looks a little resigned. Jensen isn’t quite sure how to feel about that, or how to proceed, for that matter. He doesn’t know if Jared is willing to come out to Mack and Josh, which makes it hard for Jensen to figure out what to tell his brother and sister.

He looks pleading at Jared, silently asking for help, needing to know what to do. Any kind of reaction from Jared will help him decide what, and how much, to say to the remaining members of his family. Jared gives him a small, albeit nervous smile and nods his head slightly. Jensen sighs in relief and gives Jared a grateful smile in return.

“Might as well tell them the truth Jen. You said you didn’t want to hide anything from them and I can understand that,” Jared says honestly, looking at him with approval in his eyes.

Jensen nods his head before turning his attention to Josh and Mackenzie, holding their gazes; one confused yet curious and the other anxious and happy. “Don’t go spreading this around, ‘cause we’re not ready for everyone to know just yet, we’ve only told a select few.” Jensen starts in a firm tone of voice, wanting them to know how serious he is.

“We’re not gonna say anythin’ to anyone, Jen, you should know that.” Mack rolls her eyes as she says this, but Jensen can tell she is being sincere.

Josh nods his head in agreement before speaking, “What is it ya’ll are hiding? You can trust us, man, I hope you both believe me when I say that.”

Jensen smiles his appreciation while Jared simply nods his head. “We’re more than just roommates and friends. Jared is my boyfriend, has been for two months now.”

“You’ve been together for two months now and you never said anything to me!” Mackenzie doesn’t even try to hide her shock and mild hurt. “How could you keep this from me Jen? Why would you keep it from me? Didn’t you trust me?”

“That’s not it at all,” Jared speaks up immediately. “In fact, Jensen wanted to tell you, but I asked him to keep it to ourselves for the time being. I still haven’t told my parents, and I wasn’t ready to… well, I just felt it would be best to hold off on telling anyone till we knew this was indeed serious and going somewhere.”

“Please don’t be upset with me Mack. I was gonna tell you eventually, you have to know that,” Jensen pleads softly.

“No, it’s alright, I guess I understand your reasoning. I’m just glad you’ve told me now, ‘cause I completely support you. I’m glad you’re happy,” Mackenzie says, reaching across the table and taking Jensen’s and Jared’s hands in hers, squeezing reassuringly. Jared looks surprised by this but pleased all the same.

“I’m glad you’ve found someone who makes you happy bro,” Josh says sincerely before turning his attention on Jared. “Better treat him right. I’ll kick your ass if you don’t.”

“I’d never do anything to hurt Jen,” Jared replies a bit defensively, holding Josh’s stare challengingly. “So save your threats.”

For a moment they simply stare each other down, hard expressions on their faces, and then Josh laughs with a look of respect on his face and Jensen can’t help feeling that Jared just passed some silent test. “You’re alright Jared, I like you. I definitely think you’re good for my brother, you both have my support.”

Jared visibly relaxes and allows an easy going smile to cross his features. “Thanks, we really appreciate that.”

“Okay, now that the macho bullshit is out of the way, can we please enjoy our time together and catch up. I’m here to visit with my brother and his boyfriend, and I’d really like to spend as much time as I can talking about other things, if you please,” Mack interrupts, rolling her eyes and scowling.

“I completely agree with her,” Jensen adds. “Besides, I’m not some girl that needs protecting. While I appreciate that you care, it’s making me uncomfortable and I don’t like it.”

This earns him a laugh from Jared and a smirk from Josh. He audibly groans and hides his face in his hands when Josh says that having a gay brother is like having another sister and he should get used to having an overprotective brother. Jared bursts into laughter and high-fives Josh. Jensen is beginning to regret ever introducing those two.


Jensen walks up to the entrance of the Roadside Bar with Jared beside him and they are greeted by the owner the moment they enter the establishment. He is an average sized man, middle aged and friendly. Just as Chris had said, they get in with no problems once they tell the man who they are. He motions them over to the few tables their friends are occupying and they head off in that direction after saying a quick thank you.

Jared asks him if he wants a Coke and heads off in the direction of the bartender when Jensen nods his head. Chad greets him with a pat on the back and a sleazy smile, motioning to a girl some feet in front of them wearing a miniskirt that clearly hides nothing when she bends over. Jensen rolls his eyes and gives Chad a disgusted look. He smiles, however, when Sophia slaps the back of Chad’s head. Got what he deserved, Jensen says silently as he watches Chad scowl at Sophia.

She plants herself in Jensen’s lap, arm around his neck and a welcoming smile on her face. “You’re lucky you’re gay,” Chad mutters under his breath and Jensen doesn’t even try to hide his laughter at that.

“I think you’ve got that turned around man,” Jensen responds with a smirk, making Sophia smile happily.

“Exactly, you’re lucky he’s gay, ‘cause we both know I’d leave you in a second for him.” Sophia winks at Jensen flirtatiously and a moment later they both burst into laughter. They enjoy their easy, flirtatious banter. It is completely harmless, since they are anything but serious, but it gets Chad riled up and Sophia loves every minute of it.

“Lucky for me he doesn’t swing that way, though I guess it doesn’t really matter ‘cause I wouldn’t let him go even if he did,” Jared says when he returns to the table, taking the available seat next to Jensen.

Jensen smiles happily at Jared, once again reminded why he adores this man so much. Jared winks in response, making Jensen blush shyly. Sophia laughs as she watches this small interaction and slides off Jensen’s lap, muttering under her breath about how cute they are. Jensen doesn’t even bother being embarrassed about this; he knows how lucky he is and isn’t afraid to admit it.

Jensen’s attention is drawn to the small stage when the lights come on and Chris steps up to the microphone. He makes his introduction of the band, talking professionally to the decent sized crowd that has gathered and not even attempting to hide his enthusiasm. Jensen watches with interest as Chris talks animatedly, looking so at ease in the spotlight. Jensen has always shied away from things like that, too self-conscious, but he finds it amazing to witness his friend doing what he loves so much.

Jensen’s eyes are glued to the stage as the band begin to play, a song Chris said is called “Rattlesnake Smile”, and Jensen finds himself nodding his head along to the melody. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Jared watching him with a soft smile on his face and, without looking directly at his boyfriend, he allows his lips to turn up in a small smile.

The band play a few more songs, “Sweet Carolina Rain” being one of them, and then the band become silent as Chris turns to address the crowd again. The easygoing, wide smile on his face is refreshing. Jensen can honestly say he has never seen his friend happier than he seems to be when he is on stage.

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for coming out tonight, myself and the band really appreciate all the support.” Chris speaks clearly into the microphone, eyes sweeping over the crowd and smirking when he finds the tables where his friends sit. “Sucks to say our play list for this evening has dwindled down to only two more songs, but we’ve had a great time tonight and we hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves. The song we’re going to play now is called More Than I Deserve and we hope you like it.”

The crowd is silent as the band begins the song and Jensen gives all his focus to the melody and lyrics that Chris and the band are so smoothly feeding to the small bar. It’s amazing that they don’t have a record deal by now, they’re good enough to be doing this for a living, Jensen thinks to himself as he listens to the one of the last songs of the night.

Livin' with me, it ain't easy
But I do it every day
And sometimes even now
I wanna run away
But there you are
You're tryin' to please me
And you stand your ground
That's more than I deserve

Jensen draws his attention away from the stage and fixes his gaze on Jared, whom he finds already looking at him with intense eyes. He can’t fight away the blush that covers his cheeks and he smiles shyly at him, moving his chair a little closer so they can talk and be heard over the band. Jared mimics this action, leaning down a little as well.

“You enjoying yourself?” Jared asks, lips practically touching Jensen’s ear. Jensen shivers at the sensation Jared’s hot breath causes and closes his eyes.

“Yeah, this is really awesome. It’s better than I expected it to be, though don’t tell Chris that.” Jensen chuckles lightly, looking up at Jared with smiling eyes.

Jared nods his head with an understanding smile. “I know what you mean. They are really good at what they do, good enough to be doing it professionally.”

“That’s exactly what I had been thinking. Chris has a really amazing voice, you know. I was blown away the moment he opened his mouth.”

Jared laughs at this and nudges Jensen in the side. “Yeah, he does have a pretty good voice. I’ve heard people with better, of course, but there’s no denying he has talent.”

Jensen simply smiles at this, choosing not to respond, and has to resist the temptation to grab Jared’s hand under the table. Jared would just pull away if he tried, Jensen knows he would. He is okay with that, for now, but it doesn’t stop him feeling a little ache of pain at the thought of it.

Turning his attention away from Jared he listens to the rest of the song, swaying ever so slightly to the melody. He can feel Jared’s gaze on him but he doesn’t return it, just smiles knowingly to himself.

I've taken more than I've been givin'
And I've taken for granted this life I'm livin'
And I don't know why heaven above
Blessed me with your sweet love
I know I never tell you what you're worth
That's cause it's more than I deserve


Jensen is sitting contentedly on his bed, back resting against the headboard, when Jared enters their room. They lock eyes for a moment, saying a brief “hey”, and then Jensen’s attention returns to the TV. Jared silently sits down at his desk and takes off his shoes. Neither of them have any classes today, though Jensen has to go to work later, and they have decided to stay in their room for the majority of the day. They haven’t spent much time here lately and they both figured they could use the relaxation.

Pushing his glasses up further on his nose when they annoyingly slide down, Jensen looks over at Jared again and smiles when he sees him sitting there with his eyes closed. It is obvious how handsome Jared is, but seeing him all relaxed and practically falling asleep like he is now is too damn adorable for words.

He turns his attention back to the TV, biting his bottom lip to keep from smiling but failing miserably. A moment later he hears Jared moving around on his side of the room but he doesn’t look over to see what he is doing. They have many moments like this; they don’t have to say a word to each other, just knowing the other is there is enough. Jensen is glad that they have reached that point in their relationship, where they feel so comfortable with each other and everything just feels so domestic and natural.

Jensen feels the bed dip and he turns his attention away from the television to see Jared smiling at him. He smiles back and moves over, silently offering for Jared to lie beside him. Jared gladly takes the invitation, moving slightly behind Jensen so he finds his head resting against Jared’s chest.

“What are you watching?” Jared asks softly.

“That 70’s Show,” Jensen replies in the same tone of voice. “Not really sure what is going on though, ‘cause my attention keeps drifting away.”

“Am I distracting you?” Jared asks teasingly as he begins running his hand through Jensen’s hair, caressing sensually.

“Yeah, you are, but you’re a welcomed distraction, don’t worry.” Jensen smiles as he says this, leaning into Jared’s touch.

“I didn’t tell you before, but I’m glad I met your brother and sister. I really like them,” Jared admits quietly and Jensen can detect a smile in his voice. “Makes me feel stupid being so freaked about meeting them now, though.”

“I’m really glad you guys get along so well. I knew deep down that you would, but it still would’ve sucked if the people closest to me didn’t like each other,” Jensen replies, entwining his fingers with Jared’s, resting them on his stomach. “I knew they’d love you, though, everyone loves you.”

“Oh, is that so?” Jared asks, laughing slightly at the thought.

“Yes, and you can’t deny it either. You know that everyone you meet instantly likes you. You just have that remarkable ability to make friends with whoever you meet. It’s your personality; you’re just a really fun person to be around and that attracts people to you. It’s all part of your charm.”

“I’m glad you have such nice things to say about me but you’re the only one I really wanted to make an impression on, ” he says, leaning down to press a tender kiss to Jensen’s temple.

“Aww, now I feel special,” Jensen teases playfully. “I knew you liked me, it was something you could never hide.”

“You are one smart-assed asshole, you know that, Ackles? You think you’re so funny! For that, I’m gonna have to kick your ass,” Jared says with a gleam in his eyes, smiling evilly.

Jensen’s eyes widen at the implication, attempting to get away from his boyfriend as quickly as he humanly can, but Jared’s paws-for-hands grab a hold of his waist and he finds himself pinned to the mattress. Instantly, he begins begging Jared’s forgiveness and asking him not to do what he so obviously has planned.

His pleas fall on deaf ears as Jared’s hands move up to his sides and he begins to mercilessly attack him. Jensen squirms beneath Jared but there is nowhere he can go and Jared isn’t letting up on his torture. Jared smiles down in amusement as hysterical laughter rushes out of Jensen. He even snorts at one point but Jensen would kill himself before he admitted to it.

Jensen begs and pleads with Jared to stop, saying he can’t handle much more of this torture, but his boyfriend pretends not to hear him. Jensen knows there is one thing he can say to make this stop, though, and he decides to play his one last card. He doesn’t like to admit defeat but his stomach is starting to ache and his sides can’t take it anymore.

“Okay, you win!” Jensen yells through his laughter, a few tears sliding down his face. “You win, you win! Damn it, Jared, I said you win!”

Jared finally relents and sits back on his haunches, straddling Jensen’s waist, and stares down with a smile of adoration on his lips. All the while, Jensen pants for breath and does his best to glare up at his cruel boyfriend. Jared remains unconcerned by the expression he is being given and continues to smile.

Jensen attempts to push Jared off of him but the bigger man doesn’t budge, doesn’t even try to move. Jensen stares up at his boyfriend with the question clear on his face then his expression softens and he just eyes Jared, unable to look away. They simply stare at one another for a moment before Jared leans down slowly and meets Jensen in an half open mouthed kiss.

Jensen moans at the contact and wraps his arms around Jared’s neck, one hand moving down to cup his cheek. Jared’s tongue snakes out and makes contact with Jensen’s full bottom lip, running the length of the plump bit of flesh. Jensen opens his mouth wider almost immediately and allows Jared to explore thoroughly. Jared tilts his head to the left for better access and proceeds to devour the mouth beneath his, claiming ownership of it.

He pulls back before the kiss can become too passionate and Jensen can’t even attempt to hold back his moan of disappointment. Jared smiles down at him tenderly, running his hand through Jensen’s hair and moving down the side of his face in a soft caress. His fingertips lightly rub the sensitive skin of his neck and a soft sigh of contentment leaves Jensen’s slightly parted lips.

“I love you Jensen,” Jared says suddenly, his voice so soft and full of emotion.

Jensen stares up at Jared in surprise, unprepared to hear those words, and doesn’t say anything for a few beats of a moment. He has been wanting to hear those words, has wanted to say them himself, but he wasn’t expecting Jared to speak them so soon. With how Jared has been about their relationship, he just assumed those three little words would be harder for him to say. Hell, Jensen honestly assumed that he would have to be the one to say them to Jared first.

A wide grin grows on Jensen’s face slowly, expressing all that he is feeling inside, and he pulls Jared down for an intense kiss. Jared kisses back just as passionately, cupping his face with those big hands of his. He pulls back not even a full minute later and peppers Jensen’s face with kisses.

Jensen grabs the back of Jared’s neck to hold him still and tilts his head to the side. “I love you too,” he whispers in Jared’s ear, feeling a shiver run through his boyfriend’s body.

Jared looks down upon Jensen with something akin to adoration in his eyes before he leans down once more and captures his mouth. Jensen can’t quite believe they have said the L word to each other. That is a big step and he is having a bit of a hard time comprehending the fact that they have reached this point in their relationship. He is glad that they have, obviously, but it is just a little surreal at the moment.

Jared pulls Jensen’s lower lip into his mouth, nipping gently and sucking on it with such care. Jensen feels his body begin to respond when Jared trails a hand down his chest, teasingly pulling and pinching his nipples and tracing a finger around his navel. Jensen squirms at the delicious sensation and tries to get some friction on his straining erection.

They haven’t done anything even remotely sexual yet and the prospect of something, anything, happening is thrilling. It has been a while since he has been intimate with someone, and he has never wanted anyone before as much as he wants Jared. He would love to share his body with Jared, be connected with him on a deeper and higher level. Jensen wants to take this step with him, no matter how big of a step it is, and, by the erection poking him in the stomach; he has reason to believe Jared wants the same thing.

Jensen groans when he thrusts up against Jared, his deprived dick finally getting some attention. Jared pulls away from Jensen’s swollen mouth and smirks knowingly, leaning down and rubbing himself against the erection beneath him. Grabbing his hips, Jensen pushes him down harder and moans in delight.

“I… I’ve never done anything like this before,” Jared mumbles the words out nervously. “I understand how two guys can do this, obviously, but I might be bad at it.”

“Don’t even worry about that, I know that nothing I do with you could possibly be bad.”

Jensen pushes Jared until he is sitting on the bed, bare feet resting on the floor. Jared watches him with curious, nervous eyes, but Jensen just smiles reassuringly. Keeping their eyes locked, Jensen slides to the carpet and settles himself between Jared’s spread legs. Jared’s eyes widen when he realizes what Jensen has in mind, reaching out to take Jensen’s chin in his hand.

“You don’t have to do this Jen. I wasn’t expecting anything like this from you,” Jared says, unable to hide the nervous excitement in his voice.

Jensen smiles up at his boyfriend and shakes his head in amusement. “I’m not doing this ‘cause I think you expect it of me, I’m doing this ‘cause I want to. Now, shut up and just enjoy this, will ya?”

Jared releases a nervous breath and nods his head, leaning back on his elbows and keeping his eyes on Jensen the entire time. Jensen settles himself more comfortably on his knees and rests his hand in Jared’s lap, fingering the zipper. The unasked question in his eyes is answered by a nod of Jared’s head and Jensen smiles warmly as he pops the button on Jared’s jeans and lowers the zipper.

Softly, he tells Jared to relax and lift his hips, which he complies with almost immediately. He then pushes Jared’s jeans down to his ankles, placing a soft kiss on his inner thigh. The hitch in Jared’s breath tells Jensen he is doing everything right and he can’t stop himself from smiling in satisfaction.

Jared throws his head back and gasps when Jensen begins rubbing the bulge between his legs with an expert hand. He unabashedly pleads for Jensen to take him in hand or use his mouth, anything so long as it is more fulfilling than this. Jensen chuckles lightly to himself as he reaches inside Jared’s underwear and takes out his erection. A groan escapes Jared’s throat just from the contact alone and Jensen places his other hand on the quivering man’s hip, reassurance in the heat of the touch.

Jensen starts out by stroking Jared’s weeping length at a slow, teasing pace. Jared is panting and begging for Jensen to stop teasing him. Suddenly, he takes his hand away and Jared’s eyes fly open, staring at Jensen in disbelief and frustration. Jensen simply smirks and raises his hand, making a big show of licking his palm sensually. Jared’s hard swallow is obvious and Jensen can’t stop himself from smiling widely

Before Jared can yell at him for being such a tease, Jensen’s hand returns to Jared’s dick and strokes it in earnest, finding it much easier to do now. Jared’s elbows give out on him and he falls back onto the mattress, releasing a moan from deep within his chest.

Without any warning Jensen engulfs Jared’s erection, hollowing his cheeks and sucking like his very life depends on it. Jared grips the sheets beneath him, eyes closed tight, and bites his lip to keep from screaming, letting only a moan of appreciation to escape. His hand slides into Jensen’s hair and his fingers tangle in the strands, tugging gently here and there.

“Oh, God, so good Jen… love your mouth.” Jared babbles on and on until he becomes incoherent.

With his free hand, Jensen reaches between Jared’s legs to roll his balls around in his palm, alternating between squeezing tenderly and rubbing them enticingly. Jensen smiles to himself when he runs his tongue up the length of Jared’s dick, tonguing the slit and the crown, and Jared’s whole body trembles.

All the warning Jensen gets is a half grunt and what sounds like some unintelligible words, then Jared is coming down his throat in spurts. He swallows all that he can, though some slips out and runs down his chin, and then he pulls off Jared’s length when it becomes soft, licking it clean. Jared is smiling dazedly, staring down at Jensen with warmth in his eyes. Jensen climbs up the length of his body and lies down beside him, laying his head on Jared’s chest.

“That was amazing Jen, I’ve never had a blow job like that before.” Jared pants breathlessly and Jensen smiles at the sound of it.

“I’m glad I was able to please you,” he blushes as he says this. “I love you, Jay.”

“I love you too, Jen.”


More Than I Deserve - by Christian Kane
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