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01 February 2014 @ 01:43 pm
Hands of Fate: Chapter Eight  
Title: Caught in the Hands of Fate
Author: fadedsparks
Beta: lunadragonx
Art: trueshellz
Fandom: RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rated: R, with NC-17 in later chapters
Genre: AU, Angst, Romance
Disclaimer: This isn't meant to offend anyone and I am making no profit from it.
Warnings: Violence and Homophobia. Also, Jensen and Jared are the same age in this story.
Summary: Jensen has had his share of ups and downs, but he pushes forward and tries not to take life for granted. Starting college in California seems like the right choice for him, and everything is going better than he imagined it would. However, fate can be a tricky thing sometimes.

Chapter Eight:
A Day Worth Remembering

March 1st, 2000

Jensen lets out a tired sigh as the customer he just helped walks away. He is relieved to see that he can take his break now, so he quickly makes himself a sandwich and puts some money in the cash register to pay for his meal. Taking his turkey sandwich and soft drink, he sits down at one of the tables at the front of the café, gazing out one of the windows distractedly.

The day is a rather chilly one, for Los Angeles, and everyone he sees that passes by on the streets are dressed in light jackets. He was an idiot though, and forgot his own jacket lying on his bed. The thing to be thankful for is the fact that the dorm isn’t any further than a few blocks from the café.

Jensen smiles when he thinks about Jared; he was acting rather excited this morning but every time Jensen questioned him on it he would shrug it off as nothing out of the ordinary. Jared can sure be a strange one sometimes, but that just makes Jensen love him all the more.

Jensen is pulled from his thoughts when Danneel plops down in front of him, acting as though she doesn’t have to be working right now. He shakes his head in amusement and doesn’t make any attempt to start a conversation, taking a bite of his sandwich and raising an eyebrow at her.

“Evan was getting on my nerves,” she says as though that explains everything and Jensen rolls his hand, silently telling her to elaborate further.

“He was annoying me and I decided I’d rather hang out with you than sit at a table all by myself,” she says slowly as if explaining to a two year old.

Jensen laughs and flips her off, making her smile in the process. “Well, you’re more than welcome to sit with me, you know that.”

She simply nods her head and grabs his soda, taking a hefty swallow before setting it back down. “So, how are things going between you and Jared?”

“Things are really good,” Jensen answers with a thoughtful look on his face. “Things couldn’t be better, actually.”

“Glad to hear that, you guys make a really cute couple,” she says with a soft smile on her lips. “How long you two been together now?”

“Four months,” Jensen smiles as he answers. “Hard to believe, seems like we’ve been together longer, ya know.”

“I know that feeling,” she says with a wistful smile on her face, gazing down at the table. “It’s a really good feeling.”

“Why are you getting sad on me?” Jensen asks in concern. “I’m not making you think about anything bad, am I?”

“No, well, not really. I was just thinking about my last relationship, is all.”

“Oh… if you don’t mind me asking, what happened?”

“Nothing too bad, he didn’t die or cheat on me or anything like that,” she answers with a small, sad smile. “He just fell out of love with me, and I had been unfortunate enough to still be utterly in love with him.”

“Oh, man, I’m so sorry Danni. I really don’t know what to say to that,” Jensen responds, looking lost.

Danneel laughs softly and pats his arm. “That’s okay, I’ve had time to come to terms with things and accept that he’s gone. It just… when I think about him sometimes it just makes me a little sad, ya know.”

“Yeah, break-ups suck.”

“Why are we talking about break-ups? That’s so damn depressing,” Chad suddenly says, dropping down into the last available chair, in between Jensen and Danneel.

We aren’t talking about break ups,” Danneel points out with a smirk, “Jensen and I were, you weren’t invited into the conversation.”

“You wound me Danni, that hurts.” Chad pouts, though it comes out looking more like a leer than anything.

“Yeah, well, I’m not sorry.” Danneel shrugs before turning her attention back to Jensen, completely ignoring Chad.

“What are you even doing here anyway, Chad?” Jensen asks, genuinely curious, because while they may be friends, Chad has always been Jared’s friend more than Jensen‘s. They’ve never hung out without Jared, so he is a little confused and surprised.

“I was bored so I figured I’d come and see what you were up to.” Chad shrugs as though this is a normal occurrence and glowers at Danneel for how easily she dismissed him, even though he should be used to it.

“Ah, okay, well, that’s cool, then,” Jensen responds, unable to hide how unusual he finds this.

“You have to work tomorrow?” Danneel asks, cutting Chad off from saying anything.

“Nah, I have a couple days off.”

“You lucky bitch,” Danneel laughs merrily. “I won’t have a day off in another four days or so. You’re gonna leave me here alone with Evan!”

“I could come around and keep you company,” Chad suggests with a sleazy smile. “It would be no trouble at all.”

“I’m sure it wouldn’t,” Danneel says with a disapproving stare, scowl on her lips. “But I don’t think your girlfriend would like that very much. Besides, I think I’d rather take my chances with Evan.”

Chad actually has the gall to look offended by this and Jensen has to fight very hard not to laugh, or roll his eyes. Danneel says she’ll talk to Jensen later when some customers enter the café and leaves the table without saying anything to Chad.

“If that girl wasn’t so damn hot I’d hate her.” Chad frowns, watching Danneel walk away and then turning back to Jensen.

“Doesn’t matter, I don’t think she’s too fond of you,” Jensen snickers.

“You do realize how odd that is, right,” Chad says, sounding so serious that Jensen isn’t sure whether to laugh or scoff. “Everyone wants a piece of me, there must be something wrong with her.”

“No, you’re wrong there, Chad. Not everyone wants you, trust me on that.”

“You trying to say you don’t want me, Jensen?” Chad asks with a raised eyebrow, challenge in his eyes.

“Not trying to say anything, I’m stating a fact.” Jensen smirks.

“I would so kiss you right now to prove you wrong but I know Jay would kick my ass, and while I’m not afraid of most people, Jared’s another story. The guy’s a freakishly large giant, he might accidentally kill me,” Chad jokes, shuddering for effect.

Jensen knows Chad isn’t being serious, he is very much straight, after all, so he decides to keep playing along. It is just so much fun messing with him and Jensen can’t resist. “It wouldn’t be an accident,” he states matter of fact, smug smile firmly in place.

Chad doesn’t look impressed as he glares at Jensen, slouching in his seat like a pouting child, arms crossed over his chest. They sit like this for a moment, Chad acting like a two year old, Jensen smirking, and then they are both laughing heartily.

Jensen can’t deny how good it is to laugh with a friend, his day has kind of sucked and this is a nice reprieve. He doesn’t spend much time with Chad either, so this is nice for a change. Chad isn’t as bad a guy as most people make him out to be. In fact, Jensen thinks he plays up to it more than anything. Chad isn’t really the douche bag he pretends to be; he can be a really good friend when you need him, he just doesn’t like people seeing that side of him. Jensen isn’t quite sure why that is, but he isn’t going to ask either.

“When you getting off man?” Chad asks after his laughter dies down, lazy smile on his face.

“I still have a couple hours to go,” Jensen responds with a groan, wanting to be anywhere but here.

“You sound so thrilled about that,” Chad laughs softly, kicking Jensen lightly under the table. “I don’t blame ya though, I hate working.”

“That much is obvious, you rarely even show up at your own job,” Jensen says dryly. “I’m surprised you haven’t been fired.”

Chad smirks at this, all smug as he says, “Owner likes me, he’d never dream of firing me. Believe it or not, I’m the best employee he has, and I’m not saying that to be a smartass, I’m being serious. You should see some of the other dipshits he has working there. Besides, you’re just jealous that I don’t have to work my ass off like you do.”

“Can’t deny that,” Jensen admits, albeit reluctantly. “Listen Chad, my break’s over and I have to get back to work. You gonna hang around for a while or are ya taking off?”

“Got nothing better to do,” Chad responds with a shrug. “I’ll stick around and annoy you and Danneel.”

Jensen merely shakes his head in amusement and heads to the front counter, Chad following closely behind.


Jensen rhythmically taps his fingers on the dashboard of Jared’s Montero, in tune with the song playing on the radio, and glances over at Jared every once in a while. Chris and Steve are throwing a dinner party over at their place and that’s where they are currently headed. When Jensen first heard about it he wanted to tease Chris about how domestic and kind of girly it was, but decided against it when he realized he didn’t feel like getting his ass beat.

Jensen chuckles under his breath at the thought, smiling widely when Jared raises an eyebrow at him in question. Jared shakes his head, small smile on his face, no doubt thinking Jensen has lost his mind. Jensen doesn’t mind though, just settles back in his seat and reaches across the space between them to link his fingers with Jared’s.

They reach their destination a short time later and head into the house, not even bothering to knock first. Steve exits the kitchen just as they are heading into the living room with a few sodas. Jensen takes in the sight of the living room with a smile, instantly putting two and two together in his head.

“Hey there birthday boy, thought you’d like to have a beer on your big day since you’re legal now,” Steve says, handing Jensen one of the beers.

“I wanted to take you to the Roadside Bar, give you the whole drinking experience, but Jay is too young and was bitching ‘bout it ‘cause he wouldn’t be able to drink too if we went out.” Chris grumbles from his spot on the couch, mock glare fixed firmly on Jared.

Jensen takes all of this in a bit at a time, looking at each of his friends in surprise. “How’d you guys even know today was my birthday? I haven’t told anyone.”

“I called your sister ‘cause I was curious about when your birthday was, then she told me it was only a week away,” Jared answers, giving him a disapproving stare. “If I hadn’t called your sister you never would’ve told me today was your birthday, would you?”

“No, I would’ve told you… at least I’m pretty sure I would’ve told you,” Jensen replies softly, smile sheepish as he looks at Jared.

“I know you better than you think Jen, I know you wouldn’t have told me. But that’s okay, you’re lucky that I’m willing to forgive you this time.” Jared smirks playfully as he leads Jensen further into the room.

The room is filled with all of their friends, with the exception of Alexis, and Jensen doesn’t feel guilty about being happy for her absence. It is no secret that he isn’t fond of her, no matter how nice she can be at times. He just can’t forgive her for the way she treated Jared. He can’t help resenting her for all the pain she caused his best friend, even though he knows that if it weren’t for her ignoring Jared’s feelings he would never have had a chance with him.

Jared moves to sit on one of the chairs and Jensen follows suit, placing himself on the floor, situated between Jared’s spread legs. Steve tells him that he can bring in one of the kitchen chairs for him but Jensen declines the offer, feeling much more comfortable being this close to his boyfriend. His friends all roll their eyes and make fun of him but Jared merely smiles happily and his opinion is the one that counts in Jensen’s eyes.

“Okay, lets cut this to the presents so we can get that out of the way and onto the real party.” Mike speaks up once everyone is settled in the living room.

Everyone agrees with him, for once, and soon Jensen is being handed wrapped gifts left and right. He isn’t complaining though, he enjoys receiving presents like any normal human being. What he isn’t so fond of, however, is all the attention he is getting while he unwraps them. He tries to rush through the gifts portion of his birthday party, wanting all the attention off of him as soon as possible.

Jared seems to be able to catch on to his mood for he is watching with an amused smile on his face. Jensen glowers at his boyfriend in disdain while wanting to find the nearest corner to hide himself in. He really hates when people hover over him and watch his every move; it is foreign territory to him and he just can’t feel comfortable. That is why he was never good at public speaking, too damn shy for his own good.

After what feels like forever of unwrapping each individual present and thanking the person who bought it for him, he thanks Chris and Steve for the old, worn around the edges guitar that they bring out of their room and place in his lap.

“It’s nothing special son, just one of our old ones we don’t need anymore. We’ve heard you sing though, and figured you’d appreciate it,” Chris says with as much nonchalance as he can manage. “Besides, we’re the ones supplying the alcohol so that’s really our gift to you, the guitar’s just an added bonus.”

“No, don’t downplay it man, it’s awesome,” Jensen replies sincerely, gazing down at the guitar in wonder. He has always wanted to own a guitar but never had the chance to buy one, he always had to settle with using his friend’s. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Steve smiles kindly before standing up. “I’m just gonna go grab the beer, I’ll be right back.”

“Finally!” Mike’s voice is full of exasperation.

“Hey, asshole, today is all about Jensen! Don’t ruin it for him by thinking of yourself!” Kristen scolds her boyfriend, apologizing to Jensen with her eyes.

Jensen just dismisses his friend’s rudeness with a smile, not really upset with Mike’s behavior since he knows how he can be. He places his guitar with the rest of his gifts, leaning it against the chair, and turns his attention back to his friends, silently watching them. He turns his head, however, when he feels Jared move from behind him. Jared is leaning forward in the chair, close enough to whisper in his ear.

“I know you’re probably wondering why I didn’t get you anything.” His warm breath wisps over Jensen’s skin, making him shiver.

That thought hadn’t actually crossed Jensen’s mind, and he really doesn’t care if Jared got him something or not. Since he was a teenager he has never really cared about getting presents on his birthday or at Christmas time; what matters most to him is spending those special days with the people closest to him. Gifts and such are just material objects while the presence of a loved one is what really counts, what really shows that they care.

“I did get you something though. I’m just waiting to give it to you in private,” Jared explains. Jensen wants to say that he doesn’t care if he bought him anything but keeps his mouth shut because he gets the feeling those words might offend Jared or worse, make him feel bad.

“Spending my birthday with you is more than enough for me, but since I know how you are I’m not going to argue with you,” Jensen smiles as he says this and Jared just laughs. “Whenever you want to give me your present is fine with me.”

“Good, ‘cause you’re not getting it till I’m good and ready.” Jared replies with a cheeky smile and Jensen has to refrain from shaking his head or rolling his eyes.

Jensen settles with muttering, “Dork,” in the end and Jared laughs again. Right at this moment Steve returns from the kitchen, arms filled with cans of beer, and begins passing them out to the group. Opening the can once he has it in his hand, Jensen takes a healthy swallow and smiles to himself. He isn’t much of a drinker, never has been, but he does enjoy having a beer once in a while and being twenty-one now feels pretty damn good.

Getting more comfortable on the floor, as comfortable as he can anyway, he rests and arm on one of Jared’s legs, half wrapped around it. He can feel Jared’s gaze on him but he doesn’t tilt his head back to return the stare, deems it unnecessary. Sophia catches his eyes though, and he almost rolls them when he sees the look on her face. He knows that something along the lines of ‘aww they are so cute,’ is running through her mind right now. He doesn’t know why everyone looks at them like they are the most adorable sight in the world, but he’s slowly getting used to it.

“Happy Birthday Jen!” Alison expresses in that bubbly voice of hers and everyone soon follows, wishing him a happy birthday in sync and all Jensen can do is blush.


“So, you gonna tell me where you’re taking me?” Jensen asks, turning down the volume on the radio so he can hear Jared better.

They had dropped all his gifts off at their room, packed a few clothes in a couple duffel bags and then Jared was ushering him back out of the room. No matter how many times Jensen had asked, or tried to sneak the information out of his boyfriend, Jared wouldn’t divulge his plan.

“How many times do I have to tell you Jen, you’re gonna have to wait and see for yourself,” Jared laughs, just a little exasperation creeping into his tone. “Damn, you’re worse than a toddler, you know that?”

“Oh, this coming from the gigantic kid in a man’s body,” Jensen mocks, feigning disbelief. “That’s rich Jay, that’s the pot calling the kettle black, right there.”

“You can say whatever you want dude, I’m still not going to tell you,” Jared retorts, biting his lip to keep from laughing his amusement. “Anyone ever tell you how annoying you can be?”

“Doesn’t feel too good being on the other end, does it?” Jensen smirks smugly.

“Are you trying to imply that I’m annoying?” Jared asks in mock incredulousness.

“If the shoe fits man,” Jensen replies casually, turning his head to hide his smile.

“I would so make you regret saying that if it weren’t your birthday today,” Jared laughs merrily. “Consider yourself lucky.”

Before Jensen can respond, though he probably would have just laughed, Jared pulls the vehicle to a stop and shuts off the engine. Jensen looks out the windshield and finds that they are parked in front of a beach house. His eyes are wide as he takes in the sight before him, drinking everything in slowly with growing anticipation.

He turns his head to see Jared smiling softly at him, a pleased expression on his face. I guess he realizes his plan is working like a charm, I am definitely impressed right now, Jensen thinks to himself before turning his head back to the windshield. Dusk has fallen but there is still enough light to see clearly. The scent of the sea fills his nostrils and he can’t help finding the aroma pleasant, as odd as that may be. He has never seen the ocean before but he has always wanted to.

Without saying a word, Jensen opens his door and steps out of the Montero, taking in a deep breath of the salty air. His wide eyes sweep over the landscape with fascination and wonder. The white beach house has two stories and, Jensen is pleased to find out, the ocean can be seen behind it. For the moment Jensen is rendered speechless; he doesn’t know what he would say even if he could find the words. The whole place is just amazing, beautiful.

“Judging by the smile on your face I think it’s safe to say you like my surprise,” Jared whispers suddenly in his ear, making Jensen jump in surprise.

“I must say you’re correct with that assumption,” Jensen breathes out. “This is amazing Jared, I can’t believe you’ve done this. How long are we going to stay here?”

“For the weekend. I figured that’d give us enough time to really enjoy ourselves,” Jared responds, wrapping his arms around Jensen and pulling him until his back rests against his chest. “Sophia’s parents own the place and she said it’d be no problem that we use it; it’s just sitting here empty anyway. I wanted to do something special for your birthday and I couldn’t think of anything better than this.”

“You’ve definitely earned some major points with me,” Jensen says as he turns in Jared’s arms, wrapping his own around Jared’s neck and looking up into his eyes. “No one has ever done something so nice for me on my birthday Jared, thank you.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re happy. I wanted to give you something you’d always remember, wanted to do something no one else has ever done for you, give you something that means more than a CD or something you could buy yourself.”

“You’ve accomplished that, I’m definitely never going to forget this anytime soon,” Jensen smiles up at his boyfriend adoringly. “This is the best birthday I’ve ever had. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but I don’t normally enjoy my birthdays. In fact, I dread them each year. But this year is awesome, I couldn’t thank you enough.”

“No need to thank me, I just wanted to make you happy,” Jared blushes as he says this and then pulls away, glancing over at the house. “Wanna take our things in and check out the place?”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Jensen responds as he follows Jared to the door to the backseat, taking his duffel and slinging it over his shoulder.

Jared leads the way to the front door and soon they are inside, locking the door and flipping lights on as they make their way further into the surprisingly warm house. The place must be used on a regular basis because it smells fresh and, to the eye, obviously cleaned often. Ignoring the furniture and entertainment appliances in the room, Jensen drops his duffel on the tiled flooring and steps in the direction of the sliding glass door leading to the back deck.

Pulling back the floor length blinds, Jensen’s eyes take in the ocean and sandy beach, fascinated with the breathtaking sight. He feels more than hears Jared come up behind him and he tilts his head to meet the other man’s eyes. Jared looks back at him with a soft expression, his very being speaking volumes, and Jensen couldn’t be happier to be sharing this experience with him.

He leans back against Jared’s broad chest and reaches for his hand. They remain still like this for a few long minutes, simply enjoying the moment and the peaceful feeling that has enveloped them, relaxing them both. Jensen can already tell he is going to enjoy the time spent here immensely. They are going to walk away with some fond memories.

“You know, while this is my present for you, it is only part of your gift,” Jared whispers in his ear, breath ghosting over his skin. “Remember when I said I wanted to give you your present in private? Well, I really just wanted to give it to you once we got here, it just seemed to fit well to me.”

“Well, are you going to give it to me now or am I gonna have to wait all night?” Jensen teases, unable to help himself.

“Nah, I was thinking ‘bout making you beg for it,” Jared responds with light sarcasm, bright smile lighting up his face.

“I don’t beg, sorry.” Jensen laughs as he turns around to face his boyfriend.

“I bet I can get you to beg for me,” Jared quips smugly. “I’m sure we’ll find ourselves in a situation where you won’t be able to help but to beg for what you want.”

Jensen blushes at the insinuation and ducks his head. It isn’t that he hasn’t thought about having sex with Jared; he has thought about it a lot, in fact, and that is why he is blushing like some damn virgin right now. They haven’t talked about taking that huge of a step in their relationship so far, but now that idea is out in the open, Jensen can’t ignore it anymore. Not that he doesn’t want to be intimate with Jared; it has crossed his mind many times to be honest, but it is a pretty big step and it’s kind of intimidating.

“In all seriousness though, I want to give it to you now,” Jared says, dragging Jensen over to the couch by his hand.

Jensen allows himself to be pushed down onto the comfortable piece of furniture and turns slightly to face Jared once he is sitting beside him. Jared looks nervous now, all jokes and teasing tossed aside, and Jensen has to wonder what he could possibly be receiving to make his boyfriend look so unsure of himself. He doesn’t say anything though, simply gives Jared time to collect his nerve.

When Jared finally meets his eyes he smiles anxiously and reaches into his shirt pocket, resting his hand there instead of pulling anything out. Jensen raises an eyebrow questionably, glancing at the hand in Jared’s shirt pocket and then dragging his eyes up to his boyfriend’s face. Jared visibly takes a relaxing breath and finally withdraws his hand, fisted around something.

“I know the fact that I don’t want to tell my family about us or act like a normal couple in public is dragging you down Jen. Don’t think I don’t know how hard this is on you ‘cause it definitely hasn’t escaped my attention.”

Jensen tries to open his mouth to deny this, help Jared not to feel so bad, but Jared places his index finger against his lips and effectively shuts him up before he can even begin to speak.

“I know I’m not being the best boyfriend right now by making you hide us away, but I just hope you know how much I truly love you Jensen. I care so much that it scares me sometimes. And even though I’m not ready for all of that yet, telling people about us, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be eventually,” Jared reassures him softly, though Jensen didn’t really need the reassurance, he trusts his boyfriend will one day be ready to come out to his family.

“I know this doesn’t make up for hiding us away, but I’m hoping you will take it as a symbol of the fact that I love you more than I have ever loved anyone and one day I will be ready to shout it to the world,” Jared practically whispers as he takes Jensen’s hand and places a titanium band in his palm. “I love you so much Jen and it hurts to think that you may not feel it sometimes. I’m hoping this will be a reminder for those times when you’re doubtful.”

Tears of joy and amazement fill Jensen’s eyes as he stares down at the simple ring in his hand that holds so much meaning. Jensen lifts his eyes to look at the remarkable man in front of him, trembling smile forming on his face.

“I don’t know what to say Jared. This is just… it’s simply wonderful. I love it,” Jensen whispers sincerely, placing the band on his ring finger. “Just when I think I couldn’t love you more you do something so incredibly sweet and I fall a little further.”

Jared blushes at this and Jensen finds it to be very endearing. It isn’t often that anyone can get Jared to blush, especially as scarlet as he is now, and Jensen feels pretty proud of himself right now. He decides he is going to make it his personal mission to make Jared blush as often as he can. He smiles at the thought, knowing it won’t be an easy feat, and re-focuses his attention on the man in front of him.

Jared clears his throat in an attempt to collect himself, trying to regain his cool and calm exterior once more, and smiles bashfully. “I don’t think I could ever get tired of hearing you say that… I love you, Jen, more than I ever imagined I would.”

“I love you too.”

“Want to take our things upstairs and check out the master bedroom?” he asks with an excited glint in his eyes, and Jensen merely nods his head in agreement.

They head up to the second floor and, after opening each door they come across, they finally find the master bedroom. A king sized bed with maroon comforter and matching pillowcases sits in the middle of the room, pressed up against the wall with a mahogany nightstand on either side. A bathroom adjoins the room, located on the far side. Just looking at this whole place Jensen realizes he will be sad to leave; he could get used to living like this. He knows their relationship is still too new to be thinking about such things, much less bringing them up, but one day he would like to live in a place like this with Jared, a place to call their own.

He watches as Jared drops his bag where he stands and moves to sit down on the bed, bouncing a little to test the mattress. Jensen places his duffel by the side of the bed he supposes he will be sleeping on and takes a seat as well, relishing in its softness. The beds back at their dorm aren’t nearly as comfortable as this. In comparison, their measly twin beds are like rocks.

“Damn, I almost forgot what it was like to sleep in an actual bed that was made for humans,” Jared says dryly, obviously thinking about their beds as well. “We are so sleeping in tomorrow. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if we stayed in bed all day!”

“I say we stay in as long as we possibly can, but at some point we have to get up ‘cause I want to check out that beach.”

Jared turns his head to look at Jensen, a smile on his face. “You got a deal, Jen.”

Jensen rights himself on the bed and allows his body to fall backward, soft pillows cushioning his head and he lets out a happy sigh. Jared is quick to follow, turning his head to smile goofily. Jensen laughs and turns on his side so he is facing the beautiful man beside him.

Man, what I wouldn’t give to sleep by him on a daily basis, the thought bringing a smile to Jensen’s face. I’m assuming pushing our beds together is outta the question.

“What’re ya smiling like that for? You thinking something dirty?” Jared asks, waggling his eyebrows playfully.

“No, but you obviously are,” Jensen laughs till his stomach aches, Jared doing the same. “This feels really good, I could get used to it. Good thing we’re only here for the weekend. Any longer and I might have a hard time leaving.”

“I hear ya there man, this is really nice. Damn, this is gonna sound egotistical, since I came up with it, but this was a very good idea.” Jared chuckles as he says this, eyes sparkling with mirth.

Jensen simply smiles back, nodding his agreement. “Yeah, this was a really good idea. I’m glad you did this for me.”

“Wasn’t exactly a hardship. I mean, I get to enjoy it too.” Jared points out.

“Yeah, but ya get what I mean.”

Jared nods his head in affirmation before pulling Jensen closer, wrapping him up in his endless limbs. Jensen snuggles into the warm, comforting embrace and closes his eyes, placing a palm against Jared’s chest. He listens to the sound of their off beat breathing, letting it lull him into a sleepy state. He hadn’t realized how tired he was steadily becoming until now and he finds that he could fall asleep with no trouble at all.

Jensen wants to laugh when, all of sudden, Jared’s light snores can be heard in the otherwise silent room. How he can fall asleep so fast I’ll never know, he muses to himself fondly before pressing in closer, careful not to disturb the sleeping man. With a yawn, Jensen allows the peaceful sounds of the ocean outside the window and the oddly comforting snores and rhythmic breathing to put him in a much appreciated slumber.

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